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"Look at life all around; everything is growing, everything is moving forward. Therefore I recommend... keeping in touch with life and with art."


Alina Ballerina is the only dance program in Kingston recognized and certified by the Society of Russian Ballet. The focus of the program is exclusively on classical ballet following the Society of Russian Ballet Syllabus.​ Traditions of the Russian Ballet are offered by teaching the Vaganova method. To ensure each of the young dancers receive personal attention and quality instruction, Ms. Alina limits the number of students per class.

WHAT is exactly that makes the Vaganova method unique? Vaganova training is the purest form of teaching classical ballet, it is a thorough and methodical technique which allows the dancer to learn proper use of muscles to move with control, strength and grace without introducing tension or overuse of the wrong muscles.

WHY choose the Vaganova method? Vaganova graduates are arguably more ready for the rigours of professional dancing. While there is debate over which system is the best, RAD, Cechetti, Vaganova simply put most of the world's finest dancers of the last and current century.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide every single student with the tools they need to succeed and the inspiration to explore as far as they wish through dance.”

Our Vision

"At Alina Ballerina, we don’t breathe to survive, we breathe to thrive, and we strive to be the most preferred dance program while providing unique, quality training, and excellence.”

Core Values

At Alina Ballerina we value B.A.L.L.E.T


Ballet is all about the beauty and harmony in your technique. We stay committed to fulfilling dreams as our intention is supported by professional practices and a unique approach taking your needs into account to enhance the beauty of your character along with technique.


Dominate towards greatness in every perspective by passing on outstanding worth, exquisite artistry, and unendingly surpassing the bar on our training. Our technique mirrors our undeterred energy to achieve perfection by embracing new ways and inspiring that spark within each student empowering them to master the art of ballet.


Striving to help our students learn as we incline to run our studio diversely with a zeal to welcome all our students. Our students are what grant us to drive forward, to be versatile, and to serve with pride as we deliver and stay committed to our vision of their overall development leading them to be successful dancers.


Unbending in commitment to do the right thing and make the best choice while regarding everyone’s opinion. We welcome constructive opinions to improve the quality of training as nothing is attainable without harmonized effort. We take immense pride in inspiring our students to power their dreams, build strong friendships and stay committed to practice achieving goals collectively.


To demonstrate how it's done and inspire others through our actions in uplifting their technique and reach their goals. Ballet requires harmony not only among your body but between your heart and your body. Once you achieve that perfect spot, everything lines up towards that exquisite technique that you dream about.


At Alina Ballerina, we strive to empower techniques to create a successful, compassionate, and expressive dance routine as technique is the core of ballet. Building our student’s techniques evidently results in fewer injuries, more flexibility, and control which powers our students towards perfection.

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Dance Goals

  • professional technique in ballet

  • opportunity to compete in the largest ballet competitions and scholarship programs

  • pas exams in ballet (Vaganova Method)

  • attainment of a career in dance

  • self-expression

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Life Goals

  • self confidence

  • discipline

  • ability to work in a team

  • good body conditioning

  • ability for creative thinking

  • joy and fun

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