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Hi! My name is Alina, a former professional dancer.

My goal as a teacher, coach and mentor is to share with my students the knowledge I have gained over 20 years of training and dancing professionally. My students experience high quality ballet training while learning the true essence of classical ballet in a fun environment.


Alina Ballerina is a ballet only studio.

These types of studios are exclusive and less local. Here, everything is centred around classical ballet. Any additional classes offered complement the ballet dancer, such as modern, character and progressing ballet technique. Students are exposed to classical music, which is scientifically proven to develop complex brain patterns that give children an advantage in math and critical thinking.

Besides learning proper ballet technique, which involves learning a little French (all ballet words are in French), students are taught discipline, poise, posture and grace. In our classes we even discuss physics, geometry and anatomy and how they relate to ballet. Each class is devoted to working on technique, core control and mental focus.






"Alina Ballerina is extremely professional and talented. Her creativity and effort is obvious in all of the activities. She is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond with her teaching!"

Lindsay H.

"Alina is such a creative and adaptable dance instructor! She offers an amazing balance of discipline, creativity and fun that are the perfect combination of an excellent ballet experience!"

Gabriela L.

"My daughter's figure skating coaches have noticed a difference in how she moves on the ice, specifically her posture and turn out."

Sara G.

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