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Private Coaching

These lessons are ideal for dancers that want to improve their technique or need specific coaching on technique, choreography or audition preparation. A challenging technique class, or intensive pointe work can push dancers beyond the level of their group training.

Detailed lessons to help students reach their personal goals in:
Ballet technique 
Pointe work 
Progressing Ballet Technique 
Stretch sessions 
Strengthening work

Private Lessons

1 student

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Semi-Private Lessons

2 students


What Are The Benefits Of Private Coaching?
Audition or competition preparation.
Specific technique correction, correcting bad habits, working on specific weaknesses.
Fine tune and polish your technique.
Push your skill level.
Refine your artistry.​

Who Can Benefit From Private Coaching And Mentoring?
Children from 7 years through teens.
Beginners through Intermediate to Advanced levels.
Recreational or Vocational dance students.
Pre-professional dancers.
Ballet dancers who wish to improve their pointe technique.
Figure skaters or gymnasts seeking strength and flexibility training, body awareness, balance techniques, mental focus, musicality and aesthetics.

*Please email us to inquire about prices and availability.

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