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New Season Information

When it comes to choosing the right dance program or studio, there are many factors to consider. I will try to explain a little why we are different.


We are not your typical dance studio, we are a ballet studio and these types of studios are exclusive and less local. At Alina Ballerina, everything is centered around classical ballet. Any additional classes offered complement the ballet dancer, such as modern, character and progressing ballet technique. Students are exposed to classical music, which is scientifically proven to develop complex brain patterns that give children an advantage in math and critical thinking.

Besides learning proper ballet technique, which involves learning a little French (all ballet words are in French), ballet also teaches discipline, poise, posture and grace. In our classes we even discuss physics, geometry and anatomy and how they relate to ballet. Each class is devoted to working on technique, core control and mental focus.


Here at Alina Ballerina, our positive and inspiring classes are structured so that you can get the most out of each and every class.


Alina Ballerina offers classical ballet training using the Vaganova method.

WHAT is exactly that makes the Vaganova method unique? Vaganova training is the purest form of teaching classical ballet. It is a methodical technique which allows the dancer to learn proper use of muscles to move with control, strength and grace without introducing tension or overuse of the wrong muscles.

Private classes, group classes, all my students experience high quality ballet training while learning the true essence of classical ballet in a fun environment.


Group classes (ages 3 & up), run with the school year from September to June on a drop off/pick up system.

Parents will be able to observe classes during Parent Observation Weeks throughout the season (December & May).


Max. 10 students/ class 

(Ages 2 - 5y) 

Dance with Me (2-3y) - 30 min class

  • Parents or caregivers participate actively in  class.

  • 8 week session:

    • Oct. 11 - Nov. 29, 2023 - Wednesday Sessions (5.00 - 5.30pm)

    • Oct. 14 - Dec. 2, 2023 - Saturday Sessions (10.00 - 10.30am)

    • Jan. 10 - Feb 28, 2024 - Wednesday Sessions (5.00 - 5.30pm)

    • Jan. 13 - Mar. 2, 2024 - Saturday Sessions (10.00 - 10.30am)

    • Apr. 13 - Jun. 1, 2024 - Saturday Sessions ONLY (10.00 - 10.30am)


Preschool Stars (3-5y) - 45 min class

  • Petite Dancer Curriculum

    • September - Back to Ballet Shell-abration

    • October - Dancing Through the Pumpkin Patch

    • November/December - Nutcracker

    • January - In the Snow

    • February - Candyland

    • March - Play All Day in our AB Toy Shop

    • April - Safari Adventure

    • May - Under the Big Top


  • Fairy Tale Curriculum

    • September - The Little Mermaid

    • October - Rapunzel

    • November/December - Nutcracker

    • January - Snow White

    • February - Beauty and the Beast

    • March - Aladdin

    • April - Cinderella

    • May - Mulan

(Ages 4 - 6y)

Jazz/Tap (Ages 4-6) - 45 min class

(age 5 & up)

  • Primary (5-6y) - 45 min class

  • Level 1 (6-8y) - 1h class

  • Level 2 (7-9y) - 1h class

  • Level 3 (8-10y) - 1.5h class

  • Adult Ballet (Ages 18y+) - 45 min class

  • Ballet for Figure Skaters (Open Age) - 1h class

(Ages 7y+)

  • Contemporary Dance (Open Age) - 45 min class

  • PBT/Character Dance (Open Age) - 1h class

  • Jazz/Tap (Open Age) - 1h class

  • Hip Hop (Open Age) - 45 min class

2023-2024 SCHEDULE_.jpg


Dancers wishing to participate in exams with the Society of Classical Ballet (Vaganova Method), may do so by invitation from the Artistic Director. 

Studying with a qualified ballet teacher is important for a child’s health and safety. The syllabus has been carefully developed to ensure a steady, careful technical and artistic progression from one level to the next. 

To create a rewarding and friendly examination experience the Society of Classical Ballet offers a unique exam procedure. In all examinations teachers accompany their students into the examination room and conduct the class. Successful candidates receive a certificate, which includes their mark and a medal of achievement.

Exam Preparation

Primary: Extra classes for exam preparation are not needed for this level.

Level 1: 30 mins class - April - exam date (approx. 6 weeks prior to examination dates)

Level 2: 45 mins class - April - exam date (approx. 6 weeks prior to examination dates)

Level 3: 45 mins class - April - exam date (approx. 6 weeks prior to examination dates)

Exam Dates: May - TBA

Extra class and exam fees are applicable. 


The AB Elite Ballet Company is a program designed for our vocational students who are interested in training at a more intense level. Placement in the Elite Ballet Company is invitational and based on technical ability, work ethic, commitment to their art and respect for their instructors and and peers.

What are the benefits?


  • Opportunities to showcase achievements and skills more often

  • Developing discipline and a good work ethic

  • Staying physically active and establishing healthy habits

  • Building amazing friendships and learning how to work as a team

What is required of the AB Elite Ballet Company students?


  •  Mandatory Classes

    • Ballet Class 

    • PBT/Character Dance 

    • Contemporary Dance 

    • Company Choreo Class (4 Saturdays before each Gala)

Other disciplines are welcomed and encouraged.


  • Examinations 


  • Performances 

    • Winter Gala - Nutcracker Excerpts (December) 

    • Year-End Gala (June).

More exciting news! We are planning an event for Halloween this season! 

  • AB Elite Ballet Company Summer Camp 

Held for 5 days at the end of the summer (2024), the camp allows our dancers to physically prepare for the new dance season. We cover all disciplines, as well as technique, conditioning, stretch and strength classes and classical choreography. Team building is also a focus.

How Can I Get Into the AB Elite Ballet Company Program?


For dancers who are interested in the AB Elite Ballet Company, they need to speak to their instructors and let them know of their goals. Our staff will then have an ongoing dialogue with the dancer to let them know areas for improvement. 

Dancers are continually assessed in their classes, rehearsals and performances by our complete staff team. Invitations are extended based on the expectations of the AB Elite Ballet Company Policies: technique, attendance, knowledge of work/choreography, work ethic and leadership skills.

I'm New to the studio - How Can I Be Considered for the AB Elite Company Program?


Dancers who are new to the studio can have an assessment with one or more instructors. We can then recommend which program will be a better fit, as well as what to work on going forward if they later want to be a part of the AB Elite Ballet Company.


Ballet is a performing art form therefore the excitement of being on stage is a wonderful way to showcase our students’ hard work. 

  • Winter Gala - Nutcracker Excerpts (December)

  • Year-End Ballet Gala (June)

These performances are proof of what these young dancers can achieve with determination and a pure love for dance.


Most group classes run from September to June and on a drop off/pick up system. 

Parents will be able to observe classes during Parent Observation Weeks throughout the season (December & May). 


We will be following all the public health guidelines set by the government, and we will update the COVID-19 policies as needed. The health and safety of our students is our top priority. 


No classes will be held on statutory holidays or school vacation breaks.


Upon Registration there is a $25 non-refundable Registration Fee/student. 


Registration Dates:


  • Returning Students: Opens June 15th

Register before July 1st  to waive the $25/student registration fee. 

  • New Students: Opens July 1st

Register before August 1st to waive the  $25/student registration fee.


Tuition Payment Options

  1. Full Year Payment: this option allows the full year’s tuition to be paid in one single payment. A 10% discount is offered to all families who choose to pay in full by September 15th of the new season.

  2. Monthly Billing Payments: billed through Square and paid by debit or credit card.


  • 45min. Group Class = $60/month = $600/year

  • 1h. Group Class = $80/month = $800/year

  • 1.5h. Group Class = 100/month =$1000/year

  • Payments are billed on the 1st day of the month, due by the 7th day of the month.

  • Dance with Me sessions - $180 - Billed 2 weeks before the beginning of the session

  • Adult Ballet sessions - $60/month


  • Class discount - 10% off each additional class 

Performance fees:

  • Winter Gala

    • $75 (a fixed fee for all costumes) for all of the AB Elite Ballet Company as well for those invited to participate in the Nutcracker Performance.

    • $55 for all other students participating in the Winter Gala, but the Nutcracker Performance

    • Billed on October 1st, due by November 1st. Non refundable after December 1st. 

    • The Winter Gala costume(s) will be returned after the performance.

  • Year-End Gala

    • $75 + $55/any additional costume - Billed on February 1st, due by March 1st. Non refundable after April 1st. 

    • The Year-End Gala costume(s) will be yours to keep.

Extra classes and exam fees:

  • Exam fees and extra classes billed on April 1st, due by April 15

Camps & Summer Classes:

  • TBA

*All listed fees above do not include HST tax. 

*Unpaid fees: You will be charged a 10% late fee if tuition is not paid by the due date and 20% if not paid by the 14th day of the month.

Missed Classes:

Everyone misses classes for one reason or another but it is important to attend your regularly scheduled classes.

The program reserves the right to combine or cancel classes in event of low registration. I will always do my best to make sure each student is in the right level and class so they are able to find their love for dance.


*A written withdrawal notice must be received by email 14 days prior to the next billing date, otherwise tuition will be forfeited. Any remaining payments will be cancelled.

*Ballet Gala fees are non refundable after December 1st and March 1st

*There are no refunds for the registration fee.

*There are no refunds for missed classes.

*There are no refunds for Dance with Me sessions.

*There are no refunds for any summer sessions/ camps.

*There are no refunds for extenuating circumstances such as COVID-19 or other circumstances that require studio closures. Any classes not rendered because of studio closures will be banked on your accounts. The $ value will be banked and can be redeemed with any services that you choose (private sessions, summer sessions/ camps, etc).

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