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Group Classes

Group classes run with the school year from September to June, an average of 36 weeks.
Max. 10 students

(age 2.5 - 5) 

For the younger dancers, we do what we can to keep them excited! Here at Alina Ballerina, we love implementing themes. Our dancers enter an enchanted land of magic and make believe while learning ballet.



(age 5 & up)

Alina Ballerina offers classical ballet training using the Vaganova Method.


WHAT is exactly that makes the Vaganova method unique? Vaganova training is the purest form of teaching classical ballet, it is a thorough and methodical technique which allows the dancer to learn proper use of muscles to move with control, strength and grace without introducing tension or overuse of the wrong muscles.

Movements include arms, legs, core and facial expressions supporting each other, rather than the legs propelling movement and the rest being purely aesthetic. The training is progressive and works on building strength and flexibility and minimizing injury.

WHY choose the Vaganova method? Vaganova graduates are arguably more ready for the rigours of professional dancing. While there is debate over which system is the best, RAD, Cechetti, Vaganova simply put most of the world's finest dancers of the last and current century.

Studying with a qualified ballet teacher is important for a child’s health and safety. The syllabus of the Society of Classical Ballet - Vaganova Method, has been attentively developed to ensure a steady, careful technical and artistic progression from one level to the next.
Dancers wishing to participate in exams with the Society of Classical Ballet (Vaganova Method), may do so by invitation from the Artistic Director.



(age 8 & up)


Featured in all major ballets, character dances are stylized classical ballet choreographies based on national, ethnic and folk dance traditions. It is an integral part of classical ballet repertoire such as Swan Lake, Don Quixote and Sleeping Beauty.

Dancers will begin with a barre specially choreographed for character class, then various dances will be explored, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish and Italian styles (dependent upon level).


(age 8 & up)

Our Ballet program for figure skaters is specifically designed to improve dance presentation on ice and increase the competitive level of the score. Figure skaters programs are judged on presentation performance, aside from the technical elements. We can help figure skaters with their transition of elements, performance execution and face expression, the styling of arms and musicality in order to build a higher score of presentation..

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